Amethyst Van Der Troll
Amethyst Van Der Troll is one of the main characters in Trollz. She is a sweet 14-year-old troll that lives in Trollzopolis. Amethyst attends Trollzopolis High with her best friends Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz. They have been friends for ten years and refer to themselves as the BFFL (Best Friends For Life) Club. Amethyst's Ancient is her grandmother, and Amethyst has two pets, a fish named Flounder and dog named Wa-Wa.


Spellbead is Amethyst's neutral special. Amethyst will throw a Spellbead at the opponent. There are different effects for the bead: Fire, Stun, Freeze, Health Leech, and Poisen. Be carefull you only have 5 beads in your stock 

Hover Scooter

Hover Scooter is Amethyst's side special. Amethyst will ride her hover scooter.

Anime Effect

Anime Effect is Amethyst's up special. Amethyst will get in a fast-forward-y type background and fly upward. If an opponent is over you they will get knocked upward

Knight Sword

Knight Sword is Amethyst's down special. Amethyst will get out a sword and reflect projectiles with it.


BBFL is Amethyst's War Strike.

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