Burnzo is a Character from the Mixels universe.His attacks include belching fire onto his opponents.

Burncobo V2


Calling all mixels burncobo icon by angeljacobo101-d989o1f

his icon in game

Flaming belch

Flaming belch is Burnzo's neutral special.

He burps causing a fire-ball to come out of his mouth.This goes to the end of the screen.

Chomp n' Dash

Chomp n' Dash is Burnzo's side special.He dashes forward at an enemy and chomps them.This deals high damage.

Flaming' Spin

Flaming' Spin is his down special.He spins causing fire to blaze around him.Requires skilled timing.

Fire to the Sky

Fire to the sky is his up special.He belches a fire ball upwards dealing damage

to anyone who touches it.Does not make him go higher.


Max! is Burnzo's war strike.His tribe appears and he maxes with them.You get to control a gaint max for 30 seconds.Attacks include slapping and breathing fire.If it falls of the stage it will jump up imminently.