Frankie Stein
Frankie Stein is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. She is a simulacrum, specifically the daughter of Frankenstein's monster and his bride, and a student at Monster High. Her favorite shows are The Fairly Oddparents, Catdog, Peppa Pig, Invader Zim, and My Life as a Teenage Robot.

Nicktoons Toon War

Zappity Zap

Zappity Zap is a Frankie Stein's neutral special. the Finger is Touching a Zap!


Joltin is Frankie Stein's side special. Frankie Stein gets a Flash into Joltin

Hand Out

Hand Out is Frankie Stein's up special. Frankie Stein pop out of my Hand.

Home Ick

Home Ick is Frankie Stein's down special. Frankie Stein puts a Gingerbread Man gets Home Ick

Frankie's Joltin' Juice

Frankie's Joltin' Juice is Frankie Stein's war strike

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