Nicktoons rise of vex is a 3D co-op game published by THQ Nordic and developed by I don't know


SpongeBob was sucked into a vortex with Patrick and ended up in volcano island with a few Nickelodeon characters including Lincoln loud, Danny Phantom, Sam mansion, Jenny Walkman ,Jimmy neutron and, Timmy Turner .they been summoned  here because the new villain has returned from the volcano so the wise old crab told them to save the universe once again 


  •  SpongeBob Square pants
  •  Patrick Star
  •  Danny Phantom
  •  Sam mansion
  •  Jenny Walkman
  •  Lincoln loud
  •  Jimmy neutron
  •  And Timmy Turner

Secret characters 

  •  Michelangelo
  •  Kora 
  •  zim
  •  Ren 
  •  Stimpy
  •  Tommy pickles 
  •  Rocco
  •  Arnold
  •  Tak 
  •  Angg
  •  Waffle 
  •  El Tigre 
  •  Betsy
  • And Harvey beaks

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