Fart Jar

Sanjay Patel from Sanjay and Craig


Sanjay Patel is gas-tastic and is one of the main characters in the Sanjay and Craig Franchise As a twelve-year old, Sanjay is a very curious teen who is ready to face any challenges and difficulties that life has ahead for him. Though Sanjay may not understand what the penalty of some of the situations Craig and him face, he will always find a way to fix the situation at hand. .

Nicktoons : Toon War

Sanjay is duo with Craig

Wing Belch

Wing Belch is Sanjay and Craig's neutral special. The two of them eat some wings and do a fiery belch. The burp can set your foes on fire poisoning them.


Wing Belch

Fart Jar

Fart Jar is Sanjay and Craig's side special. Craig gets out the fart jar and gives it to Sanjay. Sanjay blows off in the jar, then uses Craig as a slingshot and launches it. If you charge the shot, you will get a aimed shot which you can control. The aimed shot does more damage, though.

Snake Sling

Snake Sling is Sanjay and Craig's up special. Sanjay throws Craig upwards. It is a good recovery as if your falling and do the up special, Craig will instantly grab onto the nearest ledge and pull himself and Sanjay up to safety.


Snake Sling

Release the Craigen

Release the Craigen is Sanjay and Craig's down special. Craig yells out "Release the Craigen" and Sanjay grabs onto his tail. Then Craig spins around in a circle, causing Sanjay to spin out of control and kick all the enemies around them. It does massive knockback.


'Volchaos is Sanjay and Craig's War Strike.

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